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An earthy, traditional Tsonga styled lodge, Hoyo Hoyo offers luxury in six beautifully furnished thatched suites. The combination of the bush, traditional cuisine, the warmth of the accommodation together with the opportunity to witness the lifestyle and culture of the Shangaan people, ensure an unforgettable safari experience.

They say Africa is still home to hidden treasures, Hoyo Hoyo Tsonga Lodge is one of them. According to early Portuguese accounts, the Tsonga people lived in the central and southern areas of Mozambique during the early 16th century.  During most of the 19th century, they settled in the Mpumalanga Province near the present-day Kruger National Park and made a living hunting and fishing. At the end of the 19th century, however, in order to establish the Kruger National Park, conservationists closed down most of the area that was home to the Tsonga people and hunting and fishing became illegal.

Fortunately not all was lost, as today one of the largest groups of Tsonga people still live in the Kruger National Park, offering an interactive cultural experience, at Hoyo Hoyo Tsonga Lodge, steeped in modern day opulence and luxury. The result is a breathtaking blend of ethnic luxury, encompassing both warmth and style, never seen before.  Located on an ancient elephant route on the Mluwati River, this unique camp is built in traditional tribal design and accommodates 12 people.

Managed by the ‘hosi’ or Tsonga Chief, guests are immediately introduced to the Tsonga ways upon their arrival.  Traditionally, a typical Tsonga homestead unit or ‘muti’ was circular and cylindrical in structure with earth coloured walls and a tapering thatched reed roof. So too is the design of Hoyo Hoyo Tsonga Lodge as six luxury, air conditioned suites, boasting king size beds, en-suite bathrooms, outdoor showers and private game viewing decks welcome guests to a unique safari experience. All fabrics, décor and objet d’art are sourced from the local Tsonga community and stand tribal proud.

Hoyo Hoyo Tsonga Lodge offers a once-in-a-lifetime, interactive cultural African experience combined with outstanding safari or game viewing.

Why Choose Hoyo Hoyo Tsonga Lodge?

  •  Wilderness location within the Kruger National Park

  •  African chic styled lodge

  •  Personalised service by our friendly Shangaan staff

  •  Pan African Cuisine

  •  Outstanding Safari experience/Game Viewing

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